Etna Grand Tour

Etna Grand Tour

This tour is specifically aimed at those who want to gain the most complete and in-depth knowledge possible about Europe’s largest active volcano. On half-day excursions, you only have time to visit only one side. In this case the tour allows you to get to know opposite sides of the volcano, with a safari-like tour on board our 4×4 vehicles; you will also go on treks of medium difficulty in the Etna Country Park, from the starting point located at 500 metres up to an altitude of about 2000 metres. The Etna Grand Tour is basically the combination of our Etna Tour and the Etna Trekking offers at a particularly advantageous price considering that, halfway through the day, it includes a stop for refreshment with delicious typical Etnean products!
With participants in good health, the tour will start with a trek in the morning (in and along some of the volcano’s lease explored sites and trails) and, after lunch, the excursion will continue in 4×4s in the afternoon.
As part of the itinerary we will visit the lava flows that have threatened entire villages, extinct craters, the majestic Caldera of the Valle del Bove, the endemic flora, and vegetation typical of volcanic soils. We will also help you experience the emotion and sensation of descending into the meanders of the volcano by visiting a lava flow cave (lava tube), kitting you out with a helmet and speleologist lights, so that you can learn about and understand the phenomena related to the flow of lava. Our nature guides will enrich your excursion by illustrating, with simple and clear language for all, the many natural and volcanological aspects of the largest volcano in Europe, officially a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2013.

IMPORTANT! The route does not involve any particular difficulty and is suitable for anyone in good health and capably of walking for at least a couple of hours for the morning trek. Groups with special needs may request a customised version of the programme from our reception. Given the length of the tour, it is not recommended for families with small children.


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